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Q: Travelling with children, are extra-beds available?
Please contact us providing your children’s age as many cruise operators hold different policies. Child under 5 usually always cruise at no additional cost

Q: Is swimming in the sea permitted?
Of course swimming is permitted, usually this will form part of an activity before sunset. So make sure to pack your swimsuit

Q: Will a visit to the limestone caves form part of our cruise?
This is dependent on each individual cruise, details of which are usually displayed in the Itinerary section. The majority of Halong Bay cruises do include a visit to one of the many caves.

Q: Anything I should be aware of while at the floating villages?
We suggest asking for any photo with local people. Should you wish to purchase anything, as with all exchanges always agree your price clearly before money exchanges hands

Q: Tipping the crew recommended?
Tipping is always experience dependent. Should you feel your crew or any member of your visit went above and beyond then yes, tipping is a very nice gesture. Usually at the end of your trip.

Q: Tipping amounts?
Tipping amounts are always a personal decision, however a small tip from anywhere between $2 – $5 for the whole of your trip for each person.

Q: Are we permitted to bring our own alcohol?
Yes. If you ask a crew member they will happily provide glasses and an opener. However is it usual for a US$ 4 – 6/bottle service charge. Again, ask on-board to be sure

Q: Ice cubes, are they safe for our drinks?
Yes your ice cubes will have been delivered prior to your arrival. These are clean and purified.

Q: Medical emergency aid, is it within reach during our cruise?
Yes, all our cruises are reachable by phone. Also cruise ships have very fast tenders (smaller boats) that are able to get to shore at very fast times

Q: What is the food like during our cruise?
95% of all clients rate their meals on-board as “superb”. Many of the dishes you will be serve are made from fresh ingredients that were delivered to your chef just prior to departure. Should you have any special dietary requirements then please advise us of these at the time of booking. Where possible we will arrange meals to suite your requirement.

Q: Is sea sickness common on-board?
No, sea sickness on your cruise is not common place. However should you have a history of sea sickness we recommend bringing our usual medication.

Q: Does anyone speak English aboard our cruise?
Of course, all cruises have an on-board guide who is able to speak excellent English. Should you be a none English speaker please notify us prior to booking your cruise

Q: Will my cruise accept credit card for our expenses on board?
Usually only the Luxury cruises accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard). While on board, cash is always the preferred method of payment.

Q: Is locking our cabin recommended while on the sundeck?
All the crew will have been history checked to ensure good character. However, it’s better to always lock, just in case. Please remember that unless chartered your cruise is a  a shared-boat

Q: How do we get to and from our cruise?
Car. mini vans and luxury buses are all popular options. Please check the “inclusions” section of your cruise. If its not included, we can help you with your request. Just send us a message.

Q: Is airport drop off possible?
Yes, absolutely. This can be arranged by speaking with your cruise adviser prior to booking.

Q: Will we be refunded due to poor weather and we can’t cruise?
Where the notice of poor weather is early, we will contact you to offer a refund or an alternative program. Where the notice of poor conditions is too urgent, short or while you are on-board, any unused parts will be refunded accordingly.

Q: Will our cruise cabin have an air-conditioner or heater?
All room amenities are listed on the individual cruise page. Where there is no information please feel free to contact us



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